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Bay window seat window treatment, need help please!

8 years ago

I built a window seat for the bay window in our front room. We love the seat (as do our cats) but I desperately need some window treatments for it. This faces south and there are no longer any trees to provide shade to the front of the house, so in the summer, this room is incredibly bright.

I do have some lovely patterned roller shades I intend to put up, but I need to add something more. In the lower left corner is some blue velvet I'd like to use. I also have some lace curtains I picked up at Ikea.

I was thinking some type of valance, but as you can see at the top of the large window, there is no place for brackets. This window has a sloped top, and fitting anything in is difficult. I've had floor length curtains in the past, but now with the seat, that's out.

I am totally stumped as to what to do. My brain has just fizzled! So far, all the photos I've seen have windows that have room at the top for drapes, but I've not seen anything with the slope I have to contend with.

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