Should I paint my interior in BM Dove Wing? White Dove? Leave as is?

4 years ago
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Hoping to get your advice before I drive myself crazy. My living room is currently painted in a light green (Pittsburgh Paints Pickling Spice - scroll down for the pics). On its own, I think it looks quite sharp during the day, especially with the BM Simply White trip. The problem is, the green color is very hard to coordinate with many items and turns into a rather unpleasant blueish at night no matter what lighbulbs we tried.

We are replacing our 10 year old sectional with something newer and fresher and I'm really tempted to go bright and neutral on the walls. I fell into the rabbit hole of all the white walls on Pinterest and my research shows that BM Dove Wing is a pretty safe bet, even in northern climates. I just can't picture it at all. Will the wall "neutralness" suck the character out of the room? I would like to aspire to an eclectic look, and I thought if we go light on the walls, the rest of the existing and new colors will "pop" instead. I really like more of a minimalistic look. I was thinking the new couch could be light blue, and the chairs in one of the hues from the kilim pillows, to keep things colorful. The rug would probably stay.

I was also thinking White Dove for the walls, like in this house here: but that's really light. I don't mind the light at all, but again, can't picture it.

I think I will get big pieces of craft paper and paint it in both. In the meanwhile, please let me know your thoughts and experiences with either color.

Here is the most presentable angle (pls excuse the clutter):

The right is facing SW, so we get at least a bit of direct sunlight thoughout the day, but I wouldn't call it a super bright room. The pic was taken around noon with all the blinds up.

Here is a less presentable angle (note that the wood stair stringer is now painted white, I just don't have a picture).

I feel like our countertops lose out to all the greeness and don't stand out. The new couch wouldn't be a sectional, just something smaller and brighter. It takes so much room in the living room right now.

The other side in the first picture looks much nicer, but when I look at the whole interior that green... just doesn't really go? It doesn't seem to do favors to the wood bookcase or the floor. I would hate to try and pick a new sofa and and chairs and match them to the green, and still be on the fence about the green later.

Here's the White Dove and Dove Wing:

Thank you!!!

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