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BlueStar RNB 48 & 60" range experiences

Robert Smith
4 years ago

I didn't find many current reviews from people who had recently purchased a BlueStar RNB 48 or 60" model. So, I apologize if this sort of topic has been covered repeatedly.

We are currently in the planning stages of a kitchen renovation, to happen in a couple of years. My wife and I both are avid cooks and bakers. I've worked where open burners are used when I was younger and like the idea of having a range with them.

We live in Columbia, SC and there is only one show room that carries BlueStar in our area. We took a look, but didn't like the look of the PowR burner. We really like the open burners, but for what they are charging, we were worried about past issues their ranges have had. I've had GE and Whirlpool ranges for years with only one problem after 7 yrs with a gas oven broiler igniter, which was easily replaced with a small wrench and screwdriver. I'm fairly handy and have rehabbed 2 homes; but reliability is of great concern. When an item cost between 15 and 20k, I'd like it to be reliable, even if I could fix it myself. I'm reading a lot of older reviews that make me question how reliable a BlueStar range will be.

Has anyone had their RNB long term, 48 or 60" model? Any reviews on baking ability vs, lets say an inexpensive electric oven or double wall oven?

My MIL loves her Thermador range top and previous neighbors have had a 36" Thermador dual fuel. I enjoyed cooking on both and so we are also considering Thermador.

Any experiences, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone prefer any showrooms where we could actually see both; either in the Asheville or Charlotte, NC area? Many thanks in advance.


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