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Thermador 36 in Pro Grand vs Blue Star 36 in RNB range?

7 years ago


I posted about this a few weeks ago and I've narrowed the list but cannot decide which to go with. Specifically seeking 36 in all-gas range - I am buying a separate electric wall oven.

Both have some pretty negative online reviews

Both claim they are the best at what they do

I haven't been able to try out a Blue Star yet, but I've played with a few friends' Thermadors, all new, and all are very happy with their purchases. Because BlueStar is less common, I don't know anyone who has one I can see. I love the idea of the control and power with the BlueStar, but have some pretty serious concerns about the issues that have been raised here and elsewhere concerning the flame, oven door overheating, service issues and repeatedly broken parts.

Please, if you've purchased either in the past two years, tell me your experience.

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