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Exterior re-do - old stucco condo; window flashing and concrete ledge

6 years ago

Condo board member looking for advice on how to guide the maintenance of my long neglected building.

The building is a 1963, 3 story walk up w. brick on two sides and stucco on two sides. The brick is in immaculate condition, but the stucco (pebbledash) looks awful. We are looking to do an aesthetic upgrade; either re-stucco with acrylic stucco, or more probably elastomeric paint.

I have two concerns that need to be addressed before the stucco is dealt with: (1) the concrete edge where the CMU meets the poured foundation; and, (2) the window flashing.

  • (1) The area where the foundation meets the wall has a concrete mound on it. This mound is heavily weathered, and I have no idea how to deal with it. pictures
  • (2) The windows we're replaced when the building was condominiumized in 2008, but they look like trash. The flashing is painted, cracking and in some places rusting and dripping rust: see pictures here.

I honestly don't know how to proceed on either of these issues. The only other board member actively involved in dealing with this wants to patch the concrete himself and have the elastomeric paint people paint it. He also suggests having someone attach flashing OVER the existing flashing, and caulking it to the pebbledash.

Needless to say - I am pretty apprehensive towards this, but am honestly at a loss at how to proceed.

Any advice is appreciated.

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