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Using Dropbox to transfer files to new PC

6 years ago

My husband's Dell Inspiron 560 seems to be on its last legs, after 9~10 years of working for him. We are resigned to buying a new one and trying to get used to Windows 10 (Groan--we had been hoping to stay with Windows 7 on both our computers until 2020. His old PC now freezes, over and over, so hubby began trying to save his most important files (No, he never heeded warnings to keep things backed up!) by putting them on flash drives, but at some point the computer wouldn't do that any more. Right clicking doesn't work, either. When I try to change the booting order in the BIOS so as to use a recovery disk, the arrows don't work and the various items just keep flashing and shifting around. Now my husband is laboriously attaching files to emails, which also poses difficulties, but so far may have rescued a few of his most essential documents.
I (as the "computer person in the family) have been looking into Dropbox as a way of saving files for transfer to a new PC, as it still seems to be working, but there is something I can't understand. Up to now, when he puts something into Dropbox so he can use it on his iPad, we can't figure out how to get that file out of Dropbox and into one of the usual folders (such as "Documents") on the iPad. Is that even possible?
If it isn't, then the question becomes, would such a thing be possible on a new computer, or would the files he puts on Dropbox be forever condemned to be used THROUGH Dropbox, and never be able to be moved into the "library" of videos, music, pictures, documents, etc., that Windows has on one's PC? Any suggestions much appreciated. I am afraid to buy other special software for transferring files and folders to a new PC for fear the the old computer's hardware may be too far gone to handle it.
If worst comes to worst, he says he is reconciled to losing most of what he had in his computer, but I would like to spare him that experience. Any help much appreciated.

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