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Looking for advice on Fenestration (window placement) for a small home

5 years ago

This is a new build, plans are almost finished just stuck on windows. House is 720sf with a large loft and 20' tall vaulted ceiling. We are clear about the one bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen windows. But for the rest of the space (living room and loft) we would like something that would give a feeling of more space.

One idea (depicted in the first photo) is two horizontal slit windows at the top of the loft wall.

Another idea (second photo) is a larger single horizontal slit window high up (about 8 to 9 feet) on the main wall to the right of the entrance door.

Another idea (third photo) is a skylight for the main room.

Fourth idea (fourth photo) is a large window (the window in the photo is not as large as we envision) on the front wall.

Any advice about these options or other ideas is greatly appreciated.

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