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Provia Entry Door Price?

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We would like to replace our entry door with a Provia Signet Cherry fiberglass door with a sidelite and transom.

We just received a quote for $13,550 installed (we're in NE Florida, Wind Zone 2). Details below.

Does this sound like a reasonable price for this door combination? The other Provia dealers in the area all require a 1-2 hour home visit (is this standard?) before they will answer any questions or provide a quote. With all of the renovation projects we have going on, my time (and patience) for salespeople is limited.

Signet Single Entry Door in FrameSaver Frame
1 Panel 440 Style Signet Cherry Fiberglass Door (8' Tall, 36" Wide)
ComforTech DLA-UV
Cottage (8-Lite) SDL Grid - 1V x 3H

Knob Side Sidelite
1 Panel 140 Style Signet Cherry Fiberglass Sidelite (8' Tall, 16" Wide)
ComforTech DLA-UV
Cottage (4-Lite) SDL Grid - 0V x 3H

Rectangular Transom (20" x 55")
ComforTech DLA-UV
Colonial SDL Grid - 4V x 0H

Hardware: Oil Rubbed Bronze Manhattan Mortise Handle Outside, Coventry Lever Inside
Frame: Textured Oak Aluminum Frame Cladding
Bronze ZAC Auto-Adjusting Threshold
Aged Bronze Ball Bearing Hinges
Security Plate

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