closet rod will not stay in flange

Kathleen R
3 years ago
We are remodeling and the builder put in oval closet rods with “open” flanges. We like the look of them and all, but the rods keep coming out of the flanges.
Whenever we pull clothes out, if the hanger “catches” on the rod, it all comes crashing down and dumps our clothes all over the floor. We are being really careful and deliberate when we take hangers off the rods but if the hanger gets tangled up or even catches on the rod, boom. It doesn’t help that I’m short so hangers tend to catch on the rods a lot more for me.
Our new closet shelving is already scratched up from the sharp edges of the rods hitting them. It has even cut my 4 yr old’s toes.

Is there any way we can anchor the rods to the wall or the flange so that it’s fixed in place? Glue, new flanges?

I’ve looked online and there are no “closed” flanges for oval rods.

Does anyone have an idea or a solution?

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