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Help with floor plan for Hurricane Harvey Remodel

5 years ago


We had over 4 feet of water in our home with Harvey. The house downstairs is completely gutted to the studs so we want to take the opportunity to redo the floor plan- it's an older house and pretty boxy.

I have an architect but he has been really slow so thought I would see if I can get some feedback to narrow down what I want to do.

Other than just generally open up the downstairs, I had 2 problems. 1, the dining room was too small. (12x8.) I have a large extended family of about 15 people and would like to be able to seat them.

But, I don't care if I have any sort of formal dining, so my thought was to combine the dining/kitchen and have a table in place of an island. I had also requested a large walk in pantry our previous pantry was very sad. This was the photo I sent showing a table in place of an island:

2, I need a library/office. I love books. Real books. Before the flood I had around 18 bookcases FULL of books. I lost a lot of them but still have a lot. I was using the downstairs guest room as an office but I want to keep that as a guest room in case my parents need to live with us in the future. Also, I didn't like the guest room because it was too far out of the way and I needed someplace closer to the kitchen so I could go back and forth. I tend to take over the dining table with paperwork from my business and need someplace to put that all.

I had the idea of combing the entry/closet area and turning into an office. This area had a lot of kitchen wall cabinets and we just used it as an entry area with a shelf for backpacks, et.

I'm attaching the 2 plans I have received so far from the architect. The first one he didn't really do what I asked. The second one is more what I requested. I had also asked about the possibility of eliminating the entry way completely so you just enter into a library/craft area. The entry way is small and cramped with a narrow hallway. I like the Plan A on floor plan 2 so far, I don't like the choice B. I'm not sold on moving the side doorway (which goes to the carport) up to the kitchen- it seems like it might make more sense to leave it in the library area so that the kids can drop off backpacks, etc. Then you could do more of an L shape with the kitchen and if the entry way is eliminated you just need one entrance then into the entry room/library.

My only concerns so far are that I would be losing my mudroom closet, a coat closet, another closet we used for games, and if I add the extra entry to the guestroom (which we need, it is accessible through the bathroom which is odd) I lose that large closet too. We are in the south so don't have basements so that's a lot of storage to lose and I would be losing kitchen cabinet space as well. We also used the mudroom for things like recycling, cat litter boxes, etc.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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