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help with garage window placement under dormers

Coult I
5 years ago
Hey guys,
My husband and I are in the framing phase of building our new home. Original plan had 2 garage windows centered under 2 bonus room dormers. I played around with idea of a larger single garage window centered under dormers, but ended up going with 3 windows- one under each dormer and one in middle. Room to the right of garage is laundry and it has 1 small square accent window (I forgot size). Farmers put in openings that were centered on garage wall, but not spaced under dormers as plan showed. Husband thinks it is fine. Lack of symmetry from exterior view is driving me bonkers. He thinks if they change windows to where I want them, there will be a large section of empty brick on left side of exterior. I think the garage and laundry will look seamless once it is bricked and symmetry will be correct. What to do? Hope you can get what I’m saying from our pics, as not all window openings are fully showing. Not going to order more windows. Need to work with what we have or take one away.

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