Where to put the dormer(s)? Anyone with PhotoShop skills?

4 years ago

Hi! I'm looking to add a dormer window to our front roofline. Currently, our second floor has no sightlines to the front of our house and my two son's have no real window in their shared bedroom so I'd like to give them some natural light and access to fresh air! Can anyone rig that up for me? And, while you're at it, can you change my front door to Wyeth Blue by BM.? (I know, now I'm just plain greedy).

Here are two different double window dormer styles I'm contemplating. Can anyone with abilities better than I, photoshop this to my roof?

Here is a different window style I like:

Here is my house, maybe center the dormer between the front door and window? Or, maybe two separate dormers spaced out? The large window to the far right is an extended great room with cathedra ceiling. No dormer necessary on that side. Just the middle portion of the roof.

Thanks in advance - I greatly appreciate any and all help, ideas, opinions. (and yes, we also need to replace the garage door window where my DS bet his friends he could kick a soccer ball from across the street, through the garage window. Guess who won? Gotta love boys.)

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