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Open concept basement with a lot of closet and interior doors.

5 years ago

This is a 900 sq ft basement with a 79" ceiling One fifth of the room is a 5" step down under hot water pipes and I-beam and is 7'1. (see foreground) This is a small office area under the window.

The design is open concept with the only separation being a 9' long knee wall between the living area and the laundry (photo shows end of knee wall and laundry/pantry).

Door treatment is needed for a 9'11" storage closet (shown in first photo and one below), 48" clothes closet, 24" utility closet, 48" mechanical closet, 30" door to garage, 24" walk in pantry, and a bathroom door. I would like a coordinated look with all of these doors but wonder if white glass sliders for the large opening closet at the end of the living area would be appropriate for adding depth to the living area or should all doors match (see first photo)?

I am sure that the door style but not colour? should match the laundry cabinetry which includes pantry, sink, washer, dryer and 24" lower cabinet (upper is electrical panel). Washer and dryer will have flipper hinge cabinet doors to cover them when not in use for an integrated look. Wall hung cabinets (18" from the top of the knee wall) to match on the laundry side of knee wall. Counter over top of knee wall and cabinets. Had to leave this space open due to a hot water baseboard radiator. Laundry and bathroom tile selected as well as vinyl plank tiles for the rest of the area (samples shown in photo above).

The last photo is taken from the laundry area looking back to the front. Staircase on the right. From the right - clothes closet, Utility, garage door behind mechanical, mechanical. Space under stair landing is for a refrigerator. Trying to get matching panels to cabinetry.

Summary: Help with door selection and cabinetry to compliment the doors or is it the other way around? Many thanks.

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