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Closet doors when converting closet opening in older house

8 years ago

Our house is 100 years old and has the typical limited closet issues. In one of our bedrooms we have a closet with interior measurements of 31" by almost 9'. Currently there is one 28" wide door that is set 18" from one end the end of the closet, meaning it is virtually impossible to really utilize the closet because there is no good access to the hidden end. We want to open up the wall and install new doors to maximize use of the closet.

What is the best way to do this? Most sliders I've seen aren't right for this house. There is no room for pocket doors. I've never seen really nice-looking, period apropriate bifolds, but maybe there are some out there that would work. I like the idea of a double French door type entry, but if we did this, and went as large as using 30" doors centered on the wall, this would still mean about 16" of interior space on either end that is not wide open and accessible. This is a pretty upscale neighborhood, and we want to do something that looks period appropriate and is a high quality look rather than a tacky look.

To top it all off, one of the 31" walls has a small window in it. So, a standard rod can't be run wall to wall anyway. At the Container Store they told me that Elfa systems could be used because all of the mounting is done on the back wall. So, maybe this would work, but I'd still have dead space.

Have any ideas for me before I meet with my contractor? Thanks.

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