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Which of these neutrals do I need to get rid of to fix my bedroom?

last month

I was so excited to paint my master bedroom white, put up my gold curtain rod and tall white curtains, and expected to be absolutely in love with the result. I did not expect to have created this gross, neutral and clashy setup that makes me hate my bedroom after so much hard work.

It is so many mismatched shades of white. I definitely chose the wrong white for the walls itself, but can’t tell if it would be a bit better looking if I removed some of the contrasting whites that is all your eyes are drawn to.

I am on a budget:

  • replace the side tables with natural wooden colors to match my organic modern goal.
  • get a new comforter and sheets. Should I do white comforter or something different? Any concern about wall clash?
  • Get bamboo blinds to replace the current ones, hopefully will really elevate space.
  • Replace ceiling fan with a wicker light fixture.

Please help with any reccomendations you’d do to elevate this space! I have also included two of my “inspiration photos” from online that I would copy in a heartbeat.

Final note - I know not ideal with bed in front of window, this is the only spot in the room it can go, so please no suggestions on that placement.

Thank you so much!!

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