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Pool light switch inside house, GFCI outlet located below it, safe?

6 years ago

I'm about to purchase a house that has been completely renovated and was built in 1970, When I got the house inspection the bulk of the repair issues came up with regards to the electrical system, mainly the many ungrounded GFCI outlets. My biggest concern is that the pool light switch is located inside the house, right below the switch is a GFCI outlet that is ungrounded. I have two young kids and the obvious concern is the pool light not being connected to a dedicated breaker panel with a GFCI breaker circuit. Should I have the pool lighting moved and rewired, or is it safe to keep it on a dedicated GFCI outlet that's ungrounded? I have read so much on this topic but still not sure about this specific situation. The rest of the house I'm not concerned about, it's mainly this issue because it's a pool plus electricity. What is the best solution for peace of mind and staying safe?

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