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Bambino ficus lyrata consistently dropping leaves

Brian H
6 years ago


I recently purchased a ficus lyrata bambino tree about a month ago and it has been consistently losing leaves since I brought it home. Below is what my tree looked like when I first bought it last month:

Since then, it has been consistently dropping the lower leaves and has lost about 40 total leaves. The top leaves are still intact but it is now much less bushy:

Here is a picture of some of the leaves that dropped this week:

They tend to lose their color and fall off.

I also own a larger leaf ficus lyrata and I’ve been reading the forums, so I'm familiar with the correct soil mix (5-1-1) and watering frequency (using the dowel method to check moisture). The bambino came with a pretty well draining soil mix:

I’ve been watering when the dowel is dry so I don’t think it’s an overwatering issue. If anything, it might be an underwatering problem. I'm wondering if it may be one of the following issues:

1. Shock - I understand that the tree will shed leaves when acclimating, but is it normal to lose this many leaves?

2. Temperature - I live in Southern California where temperatures are quite warm throughout the year (Zone 10b). The tree is located in the bedroom which gets light from a west-facing window, so the room gets pretty warm in the afternoon (up to 80-85 degrees). The air conditioning in the room is also pretty strong. I'm wondering if this constant temperature fluctuation is causing the shedding.

I haven't had any of these issues with the larger leaf ficus lyrata (which I’ve had for over a year), so I'm wondering if the bambino is more sensitive to heat. How do I stop this shedding and how do I get it to grow back its leaves?

Thank you for your help!

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