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Ficus Lyrata dropping leaves after root prune/ repot

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I have had this tree for a year. It has not sprouted a new leaf in the entire time I have owned it. For the first year, it dropped 2-3 leaves when we moved it in, and 1-2 more over the year, but mostly just stayed exactly as it was when we bought it.

I've read plenty of information on it over that year, and taken good care of it, planning to repot when summer came back around. Last month, I finally had a day to execute that repot. My wife and I took it, cleaned all the soil out of the roots, trimmed off the lower third of the root system, and then put it back into the pot with fresh soil. I didn't mix my own version of the famous 5:1:1, but I bought a mix that included all of the same ingredients (pictured).

It's been 2-3 weeks since the repot, and the tree's leaves are dropping like flies. It will be completely bare after another week or two, if it continues at this rate.

Can anyone advise on steps I can take? I haven't done anything drastic yet, and the best answer may just be to sit and wait, but I wanted to at least get some input on whether or not this much of a shock is normal.

I live in San Francisco near the presidio, so we have cool temps year round, and these windows face north, so direct sunlight is rare. I could potentially get the tree out onto the fire escape, if that seemed like something that would be hugely beneficial.


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