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Advice? Ficus Lyrata about to drop all its healthy-looking leaves :(

7 years ago

Hi! I haven't quite found the exact situation described in another post, so decided to describe my fig woes here.

My fiddle leaf fig has gone through a few bouts of massive leaf drops. It has just started again and I'm afraid it's not going to survive this time. :( What seems different from most other issues I've read of here is that the leaves appear perfectly fine and healthy, then suddenly fall off. I've never had a yellowed or brown leaf on this tree.

I got this tree about a year ago, at Thanksgiving. I watered it sparingly and it looked fine until January when it dropped it's first round of leaves. It went a little longer than usual without water when I left town for the holidays and began dropping the leaves once I watered it. Most times it has dropped leaves it seems to be related to going a little longer than usual without water and then dropping begins once it gets water, or a temperature/humidity change.

I'm afraid the climate of my living room might be a huge issue. It sits maybe ten feet from some large north and west facing corner windows. When I move it closer to the windows, it seems to have problems - which is what happened this week. I think this is because of the super drafty Victorian windows and high-powered antique radiator, which is also next to the window. The radiator doesn't allow for temperature adjustments and this time of year we are often having the radiator on with the windows open to the 50-ish degree breezes outside.

Its position relative to the windows

All the leaves it's dropped since yesterday

It also has to be watered in sips - which I know isn't ideal - so it probably needs different soil.

Should I try repotting at this time of year? Is it too far gone? Am I better off trying to propagate at this point?

I'm heartbroken to see this guy go. Thanks so much for any help you can give.

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