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French door vs. single door with bottom freezer in bisque

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We're getting ready to replace our 25 year old almond fridge (see photos)—had to remove the upper and side cabinets since the fridges are taller now, but that's fine since I am so short those above the fridge were empty anyway. I want bisque to coordinate with my other current appliances and because it's the best color for my small kitchen. I was set to get the Kenmore Elite single door bottom freezer (no ice/water in door!!) but am wondering if the French doors might be better. I have a full size all-refrigerator and a full size all-freezer 12 steps away in my garage so storage is no problem—I mostly store bagels, ice cream, and such in kitchen freezer—everything else in garage full freezer. I have enough space for the single door to open so that's not an issue. Don't know if I'd go crazy having to open both doors to get to the full size deli drawer. Any advice appreciated.

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