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Looking at Bottom Mount Freezer, but Single or French Doors?

15 years ago

We're looking at low to medium range refrigerators (under $2,000, preferably under $1500) with bottom mount freezers and would love some advice.

I've read numerous threads on bottom mount freezers but mostly about specific manufacturers. I am leaning towards Samsung, but we haven't yet resolved the single vs. french door debate.

Currently, we have a 6 year old Kenmore top mount freezer (about 18 cf?). While it's still working well, it's too small for our growing family and both DH and I are relatively tall and hate bending down to grab fruits/veggies from the bins. This would be moved into the garage as a back-up and we already have a deep freezer. Thus, I think a 21-26 cf would be big enough for us given the back-ups.

Our kitchen has the space for a fridge 36" wide (with 2" extra for clearance), up to 68" high (allowing an additional 4" clearance per Samsung's installation instructions), and no deeper than 60" with the doors fully open (still allowing 2" clearance from the island).

This means we can do a single door bottom mount freezer (Samsung has a 20.5 cf model that would fit), but no one would be able to walk past when the door is open.

Given our familiarity with single doors (and the cheaper price), I'm leaning towards the single door. We also went to our local Lowe's and found the muillon flap a little troublesome. Are there any advantages to the french door models? We don't need ice/water through the door, or even filtered water. If there's an icemaker in the freezer, that's a nice bonus but not required.

Sorry this is a LONG post, but we would appreciate any advice/input you have to share about specific manufacturers/models that might work for us or just general advice about the doors!

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