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Please help! Bottom freezer fridge: single door vs. French door?

16 years ago

I'm pretty sure I want a single door, 36" counter-depth, bottom freezer fridge (freestanding). But there's no denying the FD's popularity, and I've seen few posts with opinons offered about counter-depth, single door, bottom freezer freestanding models. It appeals to me because you would only ever have to open 1 door, instead of 2 on the FD. Am I placing too much importance on this feature? DW likes the look of the FD, but I have some concerns about the long-term integrity of the door seals in FD models, based on posts here. I like the "clean" look of the single-door design, too.

Other posters: Did you buy a single door, bottom-freezer model over an FD? If so, which brand did you get? I would welcome feedback from others wrestling with the same issue!

BTW, we have no space constraints in front of the fridge, so the shallowness of the FD doors is of no inherent advantage. The fridge will be bounded by wall ovens to the left, a wall to the right, and open space in front.


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