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Basement Window Replacement - What To Do About Rusty Metal Frame?

6 years ago


I am a noob when it comes to all things windows. I am planning to replace three very old basement windows.

All three windows have metal frames, and have significant rust on the exterior window frame/sill.

Not knowing anything about this, I presumed that a window installer would replace the metal frame but none of them recommend doing so.

Some installers give me no option at all, saying they can and will only replace the window pane (leaving the rust). One installer has suggested capping the frame with aluminum. I am concerned though that simply capping the rusty wood is just hiding the problem, which (perhaps?) might get worse behind the aluminum cap.

Price for me is secondary to correct/quality work.

What is the correct course that should be followed here?

Pics below showing an example of one of the three windows.

Thank you GREATLY for your feedback.

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