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Does anyone have a recipe for unsweetened Peach Pie filling?

6 years ago

I'd like to can some peach pie filling, but can't have any sweeteners, except for honey.
I've made apple pie filling before with honey instead of sugar, and it was great. Not sure if I can do the same with peaches.

I use them for more of a cobbler than a pie and it firms up nicely with clear gel, but I'm not all that fussy about such things. I kind of just put the filling in a glass pan and put almond flour/butter/honey crumbles on top before baking. Turns out great.

So I'd either like a safe recipe for peach pie filling that that uses honey as the only sweetener, or a recipe for that is totally unsweetened and I'll add the honey once I open it. I don't want to just can peaches -- I'd prefer to bottle it with the clear gel, so it is ready to go, either with the honey already in it, or as a simple addition.

Safety first, of course. I do see recipes for this on the internet, but the good counsel I have found here in the past is king. If it helps, I could track down and post one of those recipes, but I was hoping someone might already have one that has been discussed before.

Many thanks.

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