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New Engineered floor buckling

6 years ago

I've got a 2 story house over a vented crawlspace with engineered hardwood floors throughout that was completed construction in Sept 2016 in upstate NY. I had some initial high/low spots that were outside the 1/8" in 6' specification that were possibly subfloor or installation related. This summer/fall I've developed some more visible spots where the floor exceeds the 1/8' spec. It looks like the floor is buckling and it is occurring on both floors. It has a rosin paper underlayment. The flooring is nailed down.
The contractor is saying " it is from humidity. That wood flooring will expand and contract."
I understand that wood floor expands and contracts with humidity but I don't believe it should be buckling like it is. It's not like it was installed directly on damp cement. The summer was relatively mild with very few if any hazy, hot and humid days. Our only days over 90 were in June and September and I don't think we were ever over 100. He says the wood was acclimated before it was installed but I wasn't there to verify. We did have the flooring tested for moisture in March and it was between 7.3 and 8.8%. What should I be looking for or asking the contractor to do? It's very noticeable and I don't want to live with what I have.


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