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Farmhouse Plan Finalization-Advice Please!

Kim Garlington
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

A little background: we are a family of 6 (4 kids-9yrs, 8yrs, 6yrs, 2yrs) building on 8 flat acres in the Pacific Northwest. My husband is a firefighter with experience with building and will be general contracting, as well as doing a lot of the labor on our new home. I've found this forum so useful and appreciate everyone's genuine input!

We found a plan we loved online (Modern Farmhouse) and took it to an architect to make changes that fit for our family. We are in the final stages before sending to an engineer.

My main concerns are with the exterior...

1.) We modified the plan to create a more linear back of the house to enjoy the open meadow views...but what that did was create the "snout type" garage that sticks out, even though it's a side load. From the actual floor plan it doesn't seem to stick out that much, but when you look at the renderings, it's doesn't look great. Any thoughts?

2.) The side of the house you'll see driving up is the "Left Elevation" All you see is roof! Maybe not a huge deal, maybe I'm over thinking it. But it seems kind of "blah"

3.) Because we bumped the great room out to create a flat backside of the house, it took away the indented covered porch So our architect added the gabled covered porch on the back. I'm concerned it doesn't match the look of the rest of the house. It also seems like what they are doing with many tract homes around here these days. These "stuck on" covered areas that look...well..stuck on. Any suggestions for making this look more natural and flows with the rest of the house?

We are pretty happy with the interior floor plan itself, but would love any critiques on that as well.

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