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Tallaway Farmhouse Plan - anyone built this?

9 years ago


I'm new here but have been on the Home Dec, Bath, and Kitchen boards for awhile. We're under contract to buy a large piece of acreage in Franklin, TN and I'm looking at house plans to get ideas for what we want to build. We're long distance but will be visiting again next month to walk the lot with a builder.

I am really liking this Tallaway plan by Mitch Ginn and was wondering if anyone has built this and might have interior pictures or building advice to share? I found a few other threads discussing the plan, but none where someone actually built the home. I posted the elevation and floor plan below.

The HOA design guidelines for the subdivision where we're buying call for farmhouse/country home style with a minimum 3500 sf and the lot perked for a 5 bdrm. Although I prefer the look of 2-story homes, we have a 3000 sf ranch now and really enjoy 1-story living. Also, this will be our "forever home" where we plan on growing old, so I'm looking at plans where most of the living area is on the main floor, with a bonus room on the second level (teen hangout) and possibly a walkout basement for extra recreation and guest space - if the sloping lot allows for it. We have a large family, with only 1 child still at home, but we're expecting the adult children and extended family to visit often so we do want extra bedrooms.

A few things I might change would be to switch the kitchen and keeping room and use the keeping room as a dining room (it would fit my 9 foot table that extends to 12 ft and we don't need 2 living areas so close to each other). We would use the current dining room as an office. I'd also like a larger kitchen pantry, and perhaps enlarge the third bedroom just a bit since the angled closet takes up so much space. This would be DD's room and a walkout closet is on her wish list, but I want her to have enough floor space too. The room may later be used for extended visits by aging parents, so extra space would be nice.

I thought it might be better to switch the garage and master so the master is to the rear, but I do like that you can't see the garage from the front of the house. I also like that there's no obstructed view from the front porch since we will have a really nice view from the front of the house. I'm not a big fan of the style of the dormers though and was wondering if it would be possible to do one large gable (is that what it's called?) instead.

Any ideas on this floor plan? Do you have any suggestions for similar floor plans? To save on building costs, I'm hoping to get a stock plan that can be modified by a local designer or architect if necessary. It's a very large rural lot (20+ acres) with a large building envelope so I don't expect any issues with setbacks if using a stock plan, but I'll find out more next month.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mitch Ginn Tallaway

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