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Small bathroom, small budget, big irritation, big plea for help

Missi (4b IA)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle trying to figure out how to redo our bathroom and would like some help from people who haven't been banging their heads against the wall. Also--my finger hit something and totally erased everything I had typed right when I was going to submit. So I guess that's a hint to shorten what I wrote, in my rewrite, tho it means I have to take all my humor out...dangit.

Bathroom was redone about 7 years ago and didn't turn out the way I planned in my head and I've been giving it the narrow eye ever since. The woodwork was supposed to be white wash, and the varnish my dad insisted wouldn't discolor the stain, did, so it's all a strange yellow-pink color that tasks me and makes me shake my fist in anger. I want a calm space.

Tub/surround are biscuit in color-they have to stay. The toilet is also biscuit and will be replaced. Sink stays, floor has to stay...tho maybe down the road I could try painting the floor? Shower curtain I just got off Zulily last week b/c I needed to feel better about myself and it was $7, so that's no biggee, it can go.

Here's the parts where I feel I'm chewing on tinfoil. Eat your Wheaties and join me..

1. The weird cabinet door to the hall closet on the right of the sink, we can dry wall over that.

2. Would take the cabinet over the toilet out and put up three wicker baskets instead.

3. Found waterproof pvc bead board, would get standard white and install 3/4 up the wall. (pvc trim as well)

4. Paint the remaining portion of the walls a light gray. (ceiling too?)

5. Would the bead board need to go around the top of the tub surround to help w/moisture issues?

6. Would paint the vanity-but what color? Light gray of the upper walls, white like the bead board or the biscuit-y color from the tub/toilet?

7. Faucet, tp holder, hand towel rack, light fixture and outlet/switch plates are chrome-keep or replace? To what? Dark bronze? Brushed gold?

8. Shower curtain rod, door knob and frog door pulls are dark bronze-keep or replace? To what? (I did see some pretty jewel looking sea foam door pulls..add sea foam shower curtain?)

9. Toilet-replace w/same biscuit or do white?

10. Tub-see if husband can add the white bead board on the front of the tub to hide the biscuit, or get a long shower curtain to hide it, or leave it?

I have paint color pictures on Pinterest (and the sea foam knobs and basket idea etc) but didn't know if it was frowned upon to link to it or not so I shall refrain. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. I'd like to have some concrete plans before I go to my husband and say surprise!

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