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Small Bedroom - how small is too small?

16 years ago

Hi all, we are putting on an addition to our row house. The downstairs room will be the kitchen and the new upstairs room will be a bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Problem is both the bedroom and the bathroom are going to be pretty small.

I think the bedroom area is going to be about 12.5 x 12.5 (maybe a couple of inches larger) with 10 foot ceilings and the bathroom will be about 5.5 x 9.

I know it's pretty small for a bedroom, but is it too small?

There is an additional 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft entry into the bedroom to the right of the bathroom.

I just hope we're not making a big mistake here!

We do have another larger bedroom at about 12.5 x 15.5 with 9 ft ceilings and that room feels very spacious, but 3 ft in length is a big difference! I am hoping that the ceiling height difference will help a bit.

Any thoughts/ comments?

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