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Need layout help for small/budget kitchen

6 years ago

DS and wife want to gut their kitchen in their 100-year-old house on a $5000 max budget. Here's the room layout.

They are early 30's, no kids, 2 dobermans.

They don't cook a ton, or entertain a lot, so don't need fancy.

Labor is free (us + them) and moving plumbing and electrical is no problem (basement access).

Fridge and pantry area can be repurposed if it makes sense. The rest of the existing layout I omitted because it's a blank canvas. But, for context, current cabinets/counters only go ~4' down from the window. A current stairway to the basement will be boarded over to create the long 100" wall. Can't move any other doors, windows or walls.

They'll keep current appliances, but would like to add a dishwasher.

They have a dining room, but tend to eat in the kitchen either at a tiny table they have or standing at the counter. :-) it would be nice to have a decent eat-in area. I'm not sure how to do that without blocking the slider.

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