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Rocking the fall and rolling the spring

Welcome to the new seasonal rose thread.

I believe gardeners have a deep understanding of how the earth's seasons embody the different seasons within our own human lives.

Fall and spring.

The seduction of darkness and the warmth of new light.

Maturity and youth.

Both are wondrous, but is it any wonder why fall is my favorite season?

In the calm darkness we snuggle up next to the fire, relax and breath the crisp air. The garden is mature and blooms show depth of color and full character.

Personally, I am rocking my autumn, my second adulthood, and I am also rocking the fall season in the garden this year. I hope you all are doing the same.... While my new rose friends in the Southern Hemisphere are rolling into a glorious spring.

Rocking the fall and rolling the spring.

Rose friends, welcome to the new seasonal thread. :-)

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