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Kitchen/Living Room ceiling fan and lighting configuration?

6 years ago

We are remodeling our home and are unsure of what to do for lighting/ceiling fans.

We were planning on having two lighted ceiling fans, one in the living room area ( to the left) and one in the kitchen. We also planned on having a few pendant lights over the island and one over the sink.

However, the ceiling fan in the kitchen area will get in the way of pendant lights. Should I put a fan in the living room and forget about the kitchen area?

Today I installed the fan cross bars and all the wiring for the two fans but am very willing to redo it in order to do it right.

I could also go ahead with the ceiling fans, forget the island pendant lights, and just add recessed lighting instead. I do like the coziness hanging lights over the eating area lends.

Another option would be to keep both fans and add a chandelier type of thing over the island. Because of the position of the fan, it could not be perfectly centered over it. It would be centered width-wise but it would be more towards one end of the island.

We have recessed mantle lights in the living room that we plan on keeping as well as to-be-installed trim lights on two perpendicular walls. We were hoping that these lights with the fan light would be a good amount of lighting for the space.

What do you all think would make the most sense for this space? I don't want to mess it up!

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