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Recessed LED Lighting vs. Flush-Mounted LED Fixtures

last month

My 3-Story townhome is about 30 years old. I already have recessed lighting in my LR, Kitchen, and Basement. However, I do not have any in the foyer/hallway on the main or upper level or in the BRs or baths. Over the stairs (with a high raised ceiling) is a poorly lit area. On the main level as well as the upstairs level are four "old" traditional fixtures similar to the first attachment which definitely need to be replaced. I am also interested in increasing curb appeal with the thinking I may possibly sell in the next few years.

I plan to have recessed lighting installed over the stair going up to the 2nd floor and a couple more recessed lights installed on the top floor in the hallway. They will all be on one circuit with a dimmer and multiple switches. This will replace two "old fashioned" fixtures on the upper level.

However, there are two other "old fashioned" fixtures on the main floor. I was going to replace them with modern-looking integrated flush-mounted LED fixtures (something similar to the circular ones in the 2nd attachment).

My questions are:

1. Should I just replace all of them with recessed lights rather than replace two of them with new fixtures? The two on the bottom level would be with regular switches not dimmers. Is there such a thing as having too much recessed lighting in a home?

2. My electrician is recommending recessed lights with integrated LEDs. Am I crazy to think that I'd be better off with recessed lights with replaceable LED bulbs so that I don't have to have the entire unit replaced when they eventually do fail?

3. My Bedrooms have no fixtures at all - they all have lamps or floor lamps. Opinions as to whether to go so far as to installed recessed lighting in the bedrooms also?

Many thanks for your help!

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