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Koko Loko/Soul Sister and suggestions?


We've ordered an amber/orange Soul Sister (KORconvent) and would like to purchase a lavender to tan colored Koko Loco (WEKbijou). Is Koko Loco (Loko?) sometimes referred to as Soul Sister? I've looked on HMF and seem to be going in a circle. Any ideas on what am I missing?

I'm working on an order from Roses Unlimited. Their website list includes "Koko Loko – FL (m) 2010". I think this is the correct one we are looking for? I'm guessing FL is floribunda and (m) means mauve or mix??

I'd like to call RU next week to place our order, but want to get some clarification on a few things so I don't call them and sound like a total and complete newbie doofus. We are planning to order 4 roses. Here's what we have so far:

1) Lady Emma Hamilton (ob) 2006

2) Gold Badge, Cli. (my) 1991

3) The third could be Koko Loko.

4) The fourth... I have no idea. Overwhelmed.

Continual blooming dark purple (any size), short stature orange, and yellow or pink groundcover roses are possibilities for #4. Disease resistance and fragrance are pluses.

Thanks for your help!

Shannon :-)

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