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Lurker with garden rearrange questions

4 years ago

Hi everyone, I’m a longtime lurker and I’ve learned so much from you all. I was hopeful that since it’s winter and maybe some of you were bored, you’d like to help me rearrange My garden. I would like to start by saying that I don’t have a computer so all my post are from my phone, and that’s why there will be so many typos lol.

Currently, my garden is set up in a way that it can’t be expanded on. I’m in zone 9b, around Houston, so my soil is hard clay. I currently have my roses in raised beds made out of fence pickets. I’m going to be changing to landscape timbers, and doubling the size of the boxes essentially. I’m going to start with 12 4x8 9in high. raised boxes. I’m going to put 3 roses to a box. I’m just unsure what to put where. Do I color code, do I mix match. I really don’t want to be moving these again for a while lol.

What I currently have:

Julia child

Crocus rose

(2) first crush

(2) sharif asma

Star of the republic

Madame Joseph Schwartz

Mr. Lincoln (I don’t know that I plan to keep this one)

Soul sister


Lady of shallot

Abraham Darby


Koko loco

Distant drum

Blue girl


Some apricot to soft orange walmart body bag, that I can’t remember the name of lol.

Double delight

What I have on order that will be here the end of February:

Munstead wood






Mille franziska

Marchesa Boccella

Duchess de Brabant

Mademoiselle de sombreall

That’s 30 roses so far. I’ll have two empty boxes after, so if anybody has any suggestions for something that would look great with what I currently have I’m all ears :). My goal is to expand by 1 or 3 boxes every spring, untill my yard is a maze. I’m adding a pic of what my inspiration was for this project. Thank you all for any help your willing to give.


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