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Need help on area rug sizing and placement for large space

6 years ago

I read the furniture placement rules where ideally you want either all the furniture under the rug with 6" or so border, or just the front legs of all of the furniture. My issue is that my sofa is so incredibly long, I can't find a stock rug so I have to go custom I think. The rug will not go under the chaise by the fireplace. I have considered putting another rug layered/angled under the chaise. I'm a bit concerned going off the internet rules for rug placement in this room, since it's a big expense and such a large open space. Disregard the rug pictured (from our old house) and the corner bench thing, we just have it there to have something for now...

My questions: With this large open space, should all of the furniture be on the rug, or should I do the half on? Any and all rug feedback would be great. Thanks in advance!

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