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Please help review our proposed layout

6 years ago

Ready to start our kitchen remodel and would love some advice on our proposed plans. What if anything have we overlooked or will not work? We are knocking a wall out, adding a new front entrance and adding an island. The front door will now open into our current dining nook on one side and kitchen on the other. We are hoping to build a partial wall on the kitchen side to give a more defined foyer/entry space.

We are a married couple with 2 children, 7 and 5. Plan on being here for the at least the next 20. We enjoy cooking and most definitely need more space and storage. I need/want prep space to make lunches, bake and cook all together with my husband and kids. We also want a eat in kitchen with barstools on one side of the island. One thing that we are still unsure about is where to place a formal dining table so that is open also. Concerned about some of the spacing and hope it is not too cramped.

I will post the before photos and the proposed plans.

Current Layout

Proposed Layout

Thanks in advance we really want to get moving on this asap!

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