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New kitchen addition and layout proposal, please review/critique

11 years ago

3 years hiatus and here I am again! We are adding to the kitchen in the back of the house. The first plan from 3 years ago was overly costly so this is a scaled back plan with a new architect. I am going to post another even more modest addition in a few days in order to have 2 alternative plans to present to the contractors for bidding. I am using the old Ikea software due to lack of skill of using any other software.

The addition starts at the wall with the sliders from the family room and dining room. The main bumpout is 6'6" and the banquette bumpout adds another 2'3" for a total of 8'9".

The bumpout remains 18 feet in width (incorporating the old kitchen and eating area). One problem with the ceiling is that we may have to retain part of a 2 foot wide soffit which currently runs horizontally- it houses

pipes and a support beam.

Information on our family and our preferences;

1. We are a family of five with three boys ages 21,18, and 15. The older 2 are in college. I would like to have a large kitchen for extended family and friends gatherings well into the future. There should be room for 2 cooks.

We do have a kitchenette in the basement with an additional full refrigerator for overflow.

2. My husband is insistent on a separate eating area. I might like a few seats on the island for "visiting" with the cook.

3. We have a great backyard and would like to showcase that through the windows. In this design, it would be through the windows around the banquette and in front of the cleanup sink. I would like the windows to go down as low as practical.

4. We do a lot of stovetop cooking and some stir fry as we are Asian origin. Planned appliances: 36" induction cooktop, 36" vent hood, 30" wall oven, 30" 240v advantium, 42" subzero SxS fridge (paneled), bosch dishwasher (paneled). Also have a steam oven that I bought off ebay but not sure how that will fit in. May or may not have a small microwave, depending on how good the Advantium is at microwaving.

5. The screened porch does not currently exist but will be built with the kitchen addition.

8. Existing small closet pantry is not sufficient so I added a 24 inch pantry and a 15 inch broom closet in the new layout, along the fridge wall.

Now to the layout (there are many details on the plan):

1. What is your overall feel for the workflow? Are the appliance and sink locations workable? The prep sink in the island is a dilemma to me. I ended up putting it where it is so that the island still has a landing space for the refrigerator. Also, the sink will be closer to

the breakfast/snack area.

2. Do you think that adding a gaggenau steam oven to the cleanup sink run beside the door to the new screened porch will make that area feel too tight? As you can see in the layout I am planning 30 inch deep counters and the steam oven would be 24" deep. A small microwave would only be 15" deep. Remember there is a tall oven cabinet directly across the aisle from the proposed steam oven , with the door in between (door will be outswing to the porch).

3. There is a big empty space between the island and the family room- would this be a good place for a countertop extension with stools? Or should I bump the banquette out further and extend the 48" wide island ("width" is vertical on the plan). towards the family room another 50-60 inches? (currently 60 inches horizontally on plan).

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