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Please review - our (almost-close-to-final) Ikea Kitchen Layout

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

After incorporating super-helpful suggestions from some of the experts here & multiple revisions with my KD we've landed on an almost-final kitchen layout. We plan to place the order at Ikea next week!

Since my eyes are glazing over from staring at these plans for weeks, I would appreciate a last look-over & any suggestions on making it more functional or anything we missed? Are the aisle widths reasonable & do the zones work in this layout? Any Ikea-specific features we should include?

Few notes:

  • The sink wall has a partially sloped ceiling so no upper cabinets here, but we might put up a couple of open shelves
  • The tall gray cabinet across the fridge is 15"deep & will be the pantry. The two 24" pantry cabinets have a 9" wide wine rack/bookshelf between them (yay/nay on the open shelves in the middle of the pantry?)
  • The island length is going to be 74" (mistakenly shown as 76.5") and have 15" overhang for the seats on both sides
  • The trash/ recycling/ compost bins will go in the 15" pullout next to the island prep sink
  • This is a complete remodel, walls/ windows/ pipes etc are all being moved. I'm also including the current and future floorplans for context

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