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Polished Marble Tile Dull After Grout? Pics Inside - Help Appreciated

6 years ago

Hi Everyone,

We recently installed Polished Marble Mosaic tile backsplash. While it looks very nice, the colour is very different when it is installed than when it was purchased. I was hoping someone can help determine how to correct this problem. PLEASE help.

Pictures of the tile before it was installed and after it was installed have been enclosed.

The Problem: Based on the pictures you can see that the backsplash without being installed is DRAMATICALLY brighter - the whites are really white in the marble. However, once it was installed with sterling grey grout (Laticrete cement based grout) then the backsplash tile got much darker.

Picture of Tile Before Grout Installation

Picture of Tile After Grout Installation


1) I don't know if the white marble stones absorbed the grey grout and that is why it's darker looking than the marble tile when it wasn't installed?

2) I read online that POLISHED marble tiles do not absorb at all and that it is a myth that was perpetuated. Is this true??

To be safe, we sealed the stones anyway. Before installation, we used a marble sealer on them for about 14 hours with 3 fans running all night and the windows open. The standard time is mentioned for the sealer is 24 hours but I think we were ok?

We went to a tile wholesaler and they recommended HG marble and stone sealer.

Here is a link to the Marble Sealer Picture

3) I've read online about what is called 'grout haze'. Is the reason the white marble not turning white because of grout haze? Which we would need to remove with an alkaline based product because acidic based products might etch the marble?

We were wondering if anyone might know how to remove this grout haze/residue. We've heard there are products called grout and haze removers but were wondering the pros and cons of each.

As far as we know, acidic removers are bad because they can etch the marble, but I'm not sure about Alkaline.

Also, as mentioned above we used cementitious unsanded grout for our marble tiles. The color we went with was Sterling Silver from Laticrete.

Objective: Essentially, we are hoping we will be able to get the polished look the tiles had from before the grout installation.

Thanks for all your help everyone! It's REALLY appreciated.

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