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Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers!

6 years ago

I am in heaven!!! My Amazon package arrived a couple of hours ago.

WOZER, now I have Mothers Day Presents I really want!!! :)

One yard cart (needs to be assembled)

a package with 4 new gardening gloves

a brush to clean out under my fridge.

one fit bit, the zip, can put it in a pocket, or in my bra :)

bra, just the kind I love

one pair of Teva Sandals, that prolly go on my trip! :)

a pot for my cookset I have been wanting for a LONG LONG time... my coated pot had started to let the coating flake off, this one will definitely go with me on my trip

wind screen for my cook set also about to take a trip

night time face cream, boots no7

and my favorite hand cream, Camille Beckman, French Vanilla

Yeah! This beats whatever my girls come up with I am sure. :)


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