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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for Lizbeth

5 years ago

OK, the gremlins are at it again. I posted, got two posts, deleted one and now they are both gone. (sigh)

Anyway, I'm sorry it took so long to post this, I love spring and I just keep going outside...

Anyway, the recipe is straight from King Arthur flour:

It's the only recipe I've ever used that called for vinegar (to react with the baking soda) and almond extract, but I put them both in. Do not flatten the dough balls at all before baking, and I used a cookie scoop to make them uniform. Except that one in front that rolled up against the side of the baking sheet, LOL. I ate that one, and thought I'd destroyed the evidence and then remembered the picture. (grin) Anyway, they were a hit, the adults liked them as well as the kids. Kid and they eat them all but the adults are usually more particular.

Happy Baking!


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