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Do you know exactly how much water your Washing Machine uses?

Jeffrey Caban
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Not much going on lately so I was reading past posts on Washing Machines and I see lots of posts that stated "Love my Washer, just wished it rinsed better" or "My new washing machine doesn't get my clothes clean, I think it's not using enough water".

So it got me thinking. I have owned my Bosch Nexxt 300 Washer since 2008 and never once thought my clothes were not cleaned/rinsed properly, just the opposite actually. I was impressed even compared to my Vintage Kitchenaid top loader the Bosch did a fantastic job at cleaning my Family of five clothes, as well as my Wife's at-home Daycare items.

But I know with tighter-and-tighter Government regulations regarding water use today's Washers are using so little water that many people are complaining or longing for their old top loaders.

So this is what I did. My washer is next to my large 9 gallon sink in my laundry room. I removed the drain hose from the wall drain and secured it to my sink. I labeled the sink with a sharpie marker from 1-8 gallons in one gallon increments and did laundry over the next several days writing down how much water came out of the drain during the wash cycle as well as the rinse cycle(s). Of couse I had to stay close to the machine to drain the sink after each drain cycle but I have no life so this was no problem ;)

I tried to use the same 8 pounds of laundry for each wash load to make the findings somewhat equal.

What did I find?

Well my almost decade old front loader uses quite a bit of water, which probably explains why it washes/rinses so well.

It uses anywhere from 3-6 gallons on the wash cycle and 6 gallons on each rinse cycle, two rinses are the default. All but one load was rinsed in warm water.

Most loads I used the extra rinse cycle for the added third rinse so tack on another 6 gallons.

Here are the total gallons used for each the several loads I did this past couple days:


So I am curious if anyone here knows how much water their washers use? Please let me know make/model # as well as if it's a Top or Front load as I like to see where I stand with water usage.


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