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Need help with Chamberlain 1/3HP Garage Door Opener-Wont open!

5 years ago

I have a 6 year old Chamberlain 1/3Hp Liftmaster garage door opener. When you turn it on it clicks non-stop and the light flicks. Nothing else happens. I assumed this was a sensor issue - removed both of them, cleaned them and reinstalled. Checked wire connections to each sensor and rewrapped. One sensor is solid green - the other solid amber and both lit. If you put hand in front of green it clicks on and off. Nothing happens when you place hand in front of amber. Any way, I can't get garage door opener to work. There are no external lights on the unit to look at - it's an older model. Chain, springs, etc.. all look fine (although I'm not sure what I'm looking for other than obvious defects). Opened the main unit up and looked at circuit board - no obvious damage (burn marks, loose wires or connectors). Thing just keeps clicking non-stop. In order to stop it I unplug it from ceiling. Remote on wall does nothing to stop it. Help!!

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