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Raynor 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener won't work

14 years ago

Hello all, I would appreciate some help/opinions on what I need to do with this. I have a Raynor Model 2280RGD 1/2 HP GDO that recently broke. Specifically, it might have been making noise, but nothing that concerned me. The other day after closing the door using the wall control button, a loud noise and the belt appeared to break. I saw the belt hanging. It didn't break, but the trolley nut was on the floor. Today, per the owner manual, I reconnected the trolley threaded shaft to the nut and adjusted its spring tension by using a screw driver while tighting the nut a 1/4 turn. So, the belt appears normal. It had a lot of tension on the one side of the motor unit sprocket and so-so tension on the side that I had been working on. Currently, I can disengage the "outer" trolley from the "inner" trolley, and the door manualy opens and closes with no binding. I can leave the door open half way just fine. Thus, I don't think the torsion springs are busted or the door is not balanced. But, my main problem is when I do engage the two trolleys (and I currently have connected the door arm from the trolley, so that I could see how it performs with the door not connected).

At first, the motor just hums for a few seconds and nothing happens (when I click the wall mounted door control). After playing with the up/down travel limits (screws on the side of the GDO), I get some action, but not what I want. The trolley seems to move in the direction towards the garage door wall (away from the GDO unit), until it hits the wall or something and then reverses back towards the GDO motor (about a foot from the wall). If I play with the up/down travel limits, I either get the hum and nothing, or i get this 'crashing' and reversing.

I have NO IDEA how to get the trolley to make a full travel of up and down. I don't know if I have to undo the trolley nut so I can loosen tension on the belt and remove it from the GDO sprocket (for any reason).

Like I said, I can manually open/close the door by disengaging the "outer trolley" and using the little rope or just grabbing the door. Now that I had undone the Door Arm that connects to the trolley, I have to grab the garage door itself now, if I need to open it. I am really not familiar with how to get the GDO to want to OPEN (since it is closed) using the wall switch and I'm not too familiar with how the travel limits (and force screws) really work on this.

I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

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