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Sinking trees

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hi, I have 4 smaller trees planted 3-4 years ago that haven't been putting on hardly any annual growth. I was checking root flare depth and the 3 three deciduous of the four are about 3-4" below ground level. I had already posted about the one conifer in a different thread a couple of weeks ago and one suggestion was to put a 'ring' around the tree to keep the dirt and mulch away, instead of digging up the tree and I assume disturbing or damaging the roots. But I wonder, would that be a viable solution? Would the root flare increase in height as well as diameter? and eventually be at a greater height above the ground? Or would I always have a hole around the tree? I planted these trees before I learned about root flare from you experts and to be honest, I never had trouble on my old place that was mostly light sand and mostly pine trees, that all grew great. The trees I planted last summer all look good too, so I must have learned something hanging around you guys. :-)

Here's some pics. I have all the sod off and have the root flares exposed. But do I dig them up and raise them? Or will the ring trick do the job? They are not that big of a tree but I hate to start all over by tearing up the roots. But maybe that's not such a big deal in the case of 4-5 foot high trees.? They seem like they are rooted pretty good. The first two are either Red Oak or Pin Oak, not sure.

This one is a White Birch. About 6-7 feet tall. This has been in the ground the longest and is a good 4" down, so probably the most difficult to deal with, with all the shallow roots.

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