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Bursera Fagaroides?

last month

Hi everyone,
Because I garden in pots on my roof here in Malta (z11), I'm often on the lookout for plants that might make for happy trees on my windy frying pan of a rooftop, especially on the more exposed south side.
Recently while researching desert plants I came across Bursera Fagaroides, which is native to Mexico and is reputedly very heat tolerant. Although it can grow to 6 meters tall, it supposedly takes well to being grown in pots and is apparently also used for bonsai. I'm not a bonsai practitioner but this tells me it doesn't mind root pruning, or pruning in general. I like that it supposedly has fragrant foliage too.
Do any of you grow it? How heat tolerant is it? My rooftop is windy, would that be a problem? Are there any specifics such as soil pH or disease vulnerability I should be aware of?
Any insight on this tree from growers would be much appreciated!

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