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Pruning of young Chinkapin Oak

last month

I'm located in central Indiana, zone 6. I planted a Chinkapin Oak, Quercus Muehlengergii, as a 3 foot whip in September of 2021. Chinkapin is native to Indiana although I have never seen one in a landscape and rarely in the wild around here. I've populated my landscape with somewhat bigger, more mature plantings over the years...this one was an impulse purchase when I saw it on a clearance rack at a local nursery. I thought it would be fun and a learning experience to grow something from a whip.

I know the first few years it needs every leaf to provide energy for root growth. However last fall, the leader tip shot up and formed a "Y". The "Y" is about 4' off the ground. Is it too soon to start reducing the right side of the "Y" or even remove it to promote the left side as the main leader? To me, it seems this angle is a little tight and too low to the ground and will eventually need removed, I'm just curious on others thoughts on timing.

The first pic is the spring after planting, the second pic was a few days ago.

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