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I want to grow avocados in a container, south facing and zone 9b

6 years ago

I somehow posted this on Houzz first. Oops.


I know there is a ton of posts about this but I can't seem find an answer. I appreciate any help I can get.

My wife and son both eat a whole avocado each day so I thought I'd try my hand in growing them and save some cash. I don't really have space in the ground to plant them so id like to try putting them in either pots or make some redwood boxes and plant them in my rear patio which would have basically due south lighting.

I know dwarf varieties would be best and I know production is ramped up with a type a and type b planted near each other which is nice since I want 2 anyways. I know I'll need grafts if I want fruit this decade as well. It does get cold here, maybe lows of 20s a couple times a year. It is hot as hell here in summer as well so I'll need to paint the trunk white? I'd like a 10 foot tree tops, if possible.

I'm concerned that I'll plant these things and I'll never get fruit. Which 2 varieties would you suggest? Is a 24" x 24" redwood box (or pot) sitting on concrete going to work?


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