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(Almost) final images of our addition/new house

5 years ago

Thought I would share a few near final images of our new place.

I'm happy with the roof line and overall look. Budget may dictate fewer windows on the front.

The cladding will be cement board, with perforated painted cedar screens shielding part of the central second floor expanse of windows. These screens can open, like large articulated shutters. The central windows are patio doors with a guard. The screens should create interesting light patterns when closed. This addition faced south-west.

We are still playing with the windows/doors on the ground floor. If they were centred the windows would look like a face with open mouth with eyes above! So we are playing with off-centre windows. Sliding doors across the entire expanse of the ground floor would be good too, but may be cost prohibitive.

The windows on the sides of the second floor are deliberately mis-aligned to spread direct light throughout the upstairs addition (our LR-DR) and not have beams of light across a given area.

The second floor cantilevers 3' over the first floor.

I would welcome any comments or suggestions.

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